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WS-30 is the first Windside wind turbine primarily targeted to feed the energy to the grid. Other                                        smaller turbines have been used for heating up water, battery charging, and for other off-grid                                    solutions. WS-30 has been designed to connect to the grid, and is suitable for grids in Japan,                                           the USA, as well as Europe. 

Windside wind turbine WS-30

Model type
   Windside WS-30
Cut-in    c. 3 m/s
Cut-out    None
   10 meters
Diameter    3 meters
Weight    c. 9000 kg
Generator    Windside, direct driven, permanent magnet

   Soundless (2 - 5 dB)

   (measured from smaller turbines, from 2 meters from the turbine by university)

Rated output

   9,7kW - 20 kW (custom-made)




 Annual Power Production

4 m/s
   10 000 kWh
5 m/s
   21 600 kWh
6 m/s
   30 000 kWh
7 m/s    45 000 kWh
8 m/s
   60 000 kWh
9 m/s
   75 000 kWh
10 m/s
   99 000 kWh

Estimated power production. Power production data is calculated data, based on                                              measurements of smaller Windside turbines.