Strong and Durable

Windside turbines are built to withstand all that nature can throw at them.  High-grade materials & a no-compromise attitude to quality ensures extra-long lifespans of 30+ years no matter the environment.  Composite re-enforced fibreglass, marine-grade aluminium generator casings, stainless steel hardware, top quality lubricated bearings, and custom sealed electronics create a literally bullet-proof turbine.


Power Output



WS-015          WS-030          WS-060

               WS-015                   WS-030                   WS-060


 WS-2               WS-4

                      WS-2                                          WS-4








 Pearl River Tower

Four WS-12 turbine systems in building-integrated wind-tunnels.

Pearl River Tower, China



Two WS-4B systems help to power LED exterior lights.

Canton Tower, China