Wind power for telecommunications

Integration of Windside wind turbines to new or existing power infrastructure allows the telecom industry to cut OPEX & reduce pollution at diesel-powered on/off-grid sites.  Eliminate or minimise the headaches of diesel generators such as fuel theft, maintenance, generator replacement costs, air & noise pollution, and bad PR from negative environmental impacts.


Core Features

  • Tower-mountable: eliminates cost of a dedicated wind turbine pole/tower
  • Hybrid compatible:  easy integrate with existing energy generation & storage
  • Min OPEX: up to 5 years maintenance-free with optional automatic lubrication system
  • Long-life: system lifespan is 30+ years or equal to tower's lifespan
  • Good PR: quiet & pollution-free electric generation

For best results and lowest deployment costs, sites should match these criteria:

  1. High OPEX sites such as off-grid or unreliable-grid sites which operate on diesel generators or are remote, expensive to service, etc.
  2. Sites in windy locations
  3. Sites with energy efficient equipment
  4. Sites with existing battery packs to reduce cost of wind turbine integration
  5. Tower structure suitable for wind turbine mounting (enough weight capacity)


Concept Hybrid Telecom Tower