Polar Regions & -0C Environments

Winter temperatures regularly approach -30C and stay below 0C four months of the year at our factory in central Finland, a northern-European Nordic country.  This is the perfect environment for severe cold-weather equipment testing & proving.

Trusted by polar research institutes, government agencies, & defence forces.


No Turbine Icing

A benefit of Windside's unique turbine design is a natural resistance to the icing problems which plague other turbine designs, especially horizontal axis "windmill" turbines.  Heater or de-icing systems are not required with our turbines.

No Breakages or Cracks

All of our turbines use materials strong enough to operate normally at -50C for many months with or without sunlight.  Use of low-temp capable batteries are recommended.


Transporting & erecting turbines at site is a challenge in remote areas.  The WS-0,15 and WS-0,30 wind turbines are light enough to be single man-portable.  Ensure adequate foundation, pole, or lattice tower is used.

Easy Set-up & Connection

Simple set up & electrical connection to ease installation in remote areas.  Wind turbine generator requires one 3-phase AC cable with 3 wires to connect (one for each phase).  Connect this to the small charge controller/rectifier.  This outputs via a +/- 2-wire  VDC cable to the battery(ies).


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Newest Antarctic base

KOPRI Jang Bogo Station


Jan-Feb 2014 - Windside supplies turbines to Jang Bogo Station, Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) >>>

World's Most Remote Island

Bouvet Island Station 

Bouvet Island, South Atlantic - March 2014 - The Norwegian Polar Institute deployed 4 Windside turbines on a new remote field station on uninhabited Bouvet Island.

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