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New Korean Antarctic Base Features Windside Turbines



Terra Nova, Antarctica - Feb 2014 - Windside successfully deployed & commissioned a microgrid-connected multiple wind turbine system for the word's newest permanent Antarctic research base, Jang Bogo Station, run by The Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI).


Windside turbines were selected due their ability to operate normally during the severe katabatic winds events experienced at this location.  Energy from the turbines feeds into the station's main diesel-powered grid.  In effect, this reduces diesel consumption, pollution, and CO2 emissions by lowering the electrical load on the diesel generators.  Furthermore, diesel generator lifespan & re-supply periods are extended, thus reducing overall operational expenditures.


Windside-supplied equipment included five WS-030A8 (60m/s) turbines, an electrical enclosure with power stabilisation, in-built energy storage, and a high-quality inverter to provide 230VAC 60Hz output.


This small-scale project proves the viability of Windside's vertical-axis turbine systems to provide reliable power to micro-grids in severe & remote locations.