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Windside-powered Wind Lift features at Folkestone, England's Triennial Celebrations


Folkestone, England - August 2014 - Windside is proud to have a WS-4 vertical axis wind turbine featured in a functional art installation at Folkestone's triennial celebrations this autumn.  The wind turbine harvests wind energy to power a lift/elevator which overlooks the 300-year-old town of Folkestone.  This educational installation helps the community to understand more about wind energy & energy usage of a commonly used industrial item, a lift. The Folkestone Triennial Celebrations runs from August 30 - Nov 2.


The project was conceived & designed by Marjectica Potrc and Ooze Architects, curated by Lewis Biggs, commissioned by the Creative Foundation, project managed by Jonathan Wright with structural engineering by  Atelier One.  Kentish renewable energy systems installer Invicta Clean Energy integrated Windside's WS-4 turbine with a battery system which then powers the lift when enough energy has been harvested from the wind.


A Windside  turbine was selected due its ultra-low cut-in speed, quiet operation, aesthetic appeal, and ability to safely be very close to it while in operation.



Marjetica Potrc and Ooze from Folkestone Triennial on Vimeo.