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Wind Art Project at Folkestone Triennial Celebrations

Folkestone, England

Aug 2014 - The Folkestone Triennial celebrations feature a Windside WS-4 turbine integrated into a wind-powered lift art piece.


New Korean Antarctic Base Features Windside Turbines

Terra Nova, Antarctica

Feb 2014 - Windside successfully deployed & commissioned a microgrid-connected wind turbine system for the word's newest permanent Antarctic research base, Jang Bogo Station, run by The Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI).


Turbines Deployed on World's Most Remote Island

Bouvet Island, South Atlantic

March 2014 - The Norwegian Polar Institute deployed four Windside turbines on a new remote field station on uninhabited Bouvet Island.  This will allow scientists year-round monitoring of weather conditions & instruments using clean renewable energy.


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