The installation of the turbine is as important as the turbine itself. A proper installation ensures the turbine operation. 

Q: Can I install the turbine to a pole with height of 4 meters?

A: Our minimum mast height recommendation is 10 meters and additionally 2-4 meters above the surrounding obstacles. The higher the mast is, the better are the output results. Every 10 meter in height will increase the power with + 50 %.


Q: What kind of mast should I use?

A: Smaller Windside wind turbines WS-0,15 and WS-0,30 can be installed to a wooden or metal pole with proper foundation. The diameter at the upper end must be 170 mm. For bigger models WS-2 and WS-4 a metal pole with proper foundation must be used. The diameter at the upper end must be 400 mm. 


Q: Can the turbine be installed to a building?

 A: Yes. Windside wind turbines can be safely integrated to building, thanks to its soundless and safe operation. Please read more on section building integration


Q: How far away can the turbine locate from the battery bank?

A: The distance between the turbine and charging controller can be up to 100 meters. As the current between the generator and the charging controller is AC, the won't be power losses.

The distance between the charging controller and battery bank is up to 2 meters.


WS-0,30C being installed

Windside WS-0,30C being installed in Finland.


WS-0,30C in Finland

We recommend that a minimum 10 meter high mast will be used.