How Windside was born



Year 1978. Risto had a call from God to go to Bible school in Orsa, Sverige. There he was studying his 3-year period. They had a visitor from Germany, pastor Christian Schreiber, who was telling about his water well –mining work in Morocco desert, among Bedouins and Berbers, where the constant lack of water is a real problem. However, desert ground is fruitful and has a lot of minerals and even a small amount of water will create growth.

Related to this water problem, Risto brought his thoughts of using wind power and requests to the Lord in a prayer room, of which the door had a sign: Endast för Bön – Only for praying. When praying for the water issues in Africa, Risto noticed that a strange appliance, one meter high, appeared to his left side. He drew it precisely on the paper, and when the last line was made, the appliance disappeared. It was helpful that Risto’s former education was related to building drawing.

Patent financing

What was this strange appliance? It was a wind mill, a very special one. While spending a lot of time in the patent office, Risto noticed that this model was unknown. He had to decide a name for this new object, and so the name of Windside was born – on the side of Wind. This name is symbolic and relates to the Bible John 3:8: “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit". The name of God in Hebrew is Ruach Hakodesh that means Holy Wind.

Patenting process (PCT-EPO) started in Sweden and proceeded well. The only problem was the amount of patent costs; a poor student did not have resources and the next salary would not come until from his summer job. When Risto was praying and worrying the patent invoice that would be due the very next day, he heard a knock from his door at 10:00 pm in the evening. There was a familiar man who gave an envelope and said: “God told me to give this to you.” The envelope included exactly the right amount of money for the next day’s patent invoice.

The same kind of situation happened three times. In the second time Risto was in bible school’s prayer room, and a businessman who was a visitor, was there as well – it was the same room where Risto saw the turbine vision and where was speaking aloud was not allowed – except with God. Suddenly the businessman asked from Risto, what is the reason why Risto needs money, and he mentioned the amount. Risto was wondering the question and answered that he had said nothing. The businessman continued: “I was once very busy when waiting in the customs and asked help from God to get quickly through the customs. If God would help, I will compensate it later on to Him. Just a moment ago God said me that now it is time to pay back your promise.” So he lent the money for the next phase of the patent application. 

The Bibleschool ended and Risto returned back to Finland. The third time happened in Finland and again the patent invoices were waiting to be paid. God told Risto to ask help from another businessman – but he did not proceed with the matter, as he felt embarrassed. After some time Risto gave up for God's persuasion and went and asked for help, that came immediately.



Now he faced a situation that he had to find a suitable generator for the new turbine model. The problem was, that this kind of turbine needed a direct-driven generator, which did not exist yet. So he started to develop the generator with a couple of his friends. Risto tells:" The first generator prototype did not work as it should have. The issue was discussed also with professor Jokinen from Helsinki University of Technology. However, the desired solution was not found. It was not known if the problem was in operating principles or in some electrical features. The problem was not solved until a heavenly help in a dream provided a solution. In the dream Risto was watching how a man made the generator parts and when waking up Risto drew this on a paper. They noticed in practice that the solution was found out and a new type of generator, perfectly suitable for the Windside wind turbine, could be developed.

After this beginning, innumerable miracles were needed and God has rescued from several misfortunes during past years.







The first Windside WS-4 turbine in 1984

 The first Windside WS-4 in 1984.