Windside Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

the most rugged, reliable, and robust vertical-axis systems in the world since 1982.  Each system is designed to reliably & safely operate for 50+ years under all weather conditions in remote or urban environments

Five Windside wind turbines WS-0,30A8 at Jang Bogo station, Antarctica


Wind turbines



Turbine Sizes


All 7 wind turbine sizes are designed for performance, reliability, & safety in extreme wind conditions up to 60 m/s (216 km/h) and all weather conditions.


Features include:

  • 2-5 m/s cut-in wind speed
  • Up to 60 m/s max wind speed
  • 50+ year lifespan
  • 5-yr maintenance-free (optional)
  • Soundless Operation
  • No vibration
  • Graceful rotation

Primary function is to charge 12/24/48VDC battery banks which power DC loads including DC/AC inverters for 110/230VAC output.


Hybrid-compatible allows integration of solar or other energy sources.


10-Year Warranty &

Upgrade Exchange Credit


The only micro-turbine manufacturer in the world to offer a warranty this long and an exchange upgrade credit. >>>




>> Clean renewable energy for remote or difficult-to-access areas/zones. Includes offshore buoys & structures, islands, the Arctic/Antarctica, mountains, ecologically sensitive areas, national parks, border regions, etc.


>> Building mounted or integrated. Achieve green/eco-building renewable-energy targets.  Retro-fit old buildings or clean-sheet design fully-integrated systems into new buildings such as the 309 m-tall Pearl River Tower.


>> LED outdoor lighting power systems including street, park, & security lights.


>> Hybrid energy towers for rural or urban micro-grid, telecom, or artistic urban wind turbine towers.


>> LED indoor light & DC power systems for residential, second/holiday homes, or common areas of multi-unit apartment buildings.



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Quality and Reliability since 1982